Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baby Baby Baby OOOHHH!!! You Better Bielbe it!!!

So, Angela and I decided to hit up this party tonight and the best part of it was...that it was only Bieber!!! OHHHH BABY did we have the Bieber fever! So, this is going to be really hard to explain but basically it was out of control. We dressed up in our hoodies, v-necks, sneakers, and skinnys and were ready to get our "Biebs" on. As we got to the party, we of course were VIP because we dressed up..therefore we didn't have to pay (we actually are just cheap). But little did we know that we would not be dancing at all. We were basically lifted off the ground and were pushed back and forth by the hundreds of Bieber fans dancing in the room. Here we are 5'2'' and moderately light in stature having little to know control over our destiny. We literally did not dance at all. Instead, we were pushed in various directions, which caused some uncontrollable laughter by Angela and I. With little ventilation, Angela and I also got drenched...but the majority of it was not our own. One in particular was purple t-shirt boy. Purple t-shirt boy was always in between either me or Angela. He was evidently persistant in bumping into us, which was basically like a coach getting drenched with gatorade...except for that actually smells pleasant. Ultimately, Angela and I have never laughed so hard, and it was a great way to end the day.

This picture is taken after the Justin Bieber party! We were scared, confused, and ultimately shocked by laughter! All we wanted was "Somebody to Love".

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