Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baby Baby Baby OOOHHH!!! You Better Bielbe it!!!

So, Angela and I decided to hit up this party tonight and the best part of it was...that it was only Bieber!!! OHHHH BABY did we have the Bieber fever! So, this is going to be really hard to explain but basically it was out of control. We dressed up in our hoodies, v-necks, sneakers, and skinnys and were ready to get our "Biebs" on. As we got to the party, we of course were VIP because we dressed up..therefore we didn't have to pay (we actually are just cheap). But little did we know that we would not be dancing at all. We were basically lifted off the ground and were pushed back and forth by the hundreds of Bieber fans dancing in the room. Here we are 5'2'' and moderately light in stature having little to know control over our destiny. We literally did not dance at all. Instead, we were pushed in various directions, which caused some uncontrollable laughter by Angela and I. With little ventilation, Angela and I also got drenched...but the majority of it was not our own. One in particular was purple t-shirt boy. Purple t-shirt boy was always in between either me or Angela. He was evidently persistant in bumping into us, which was basically like a coach getting drenched with gatorade...except for that actually smells pleasant. Ultimately, Angela and I have never laughed so hard, and it was a great way to end the day.

This picture is taken after the Justin Bieber party! We were scared, confused, and ultimately shocked by laughter! All we wanted was "Somebody to Love".

More pics and the SDSU missionaries

Here is the SDSU missionaries incase you missed out in the incredible game.

Pinatas, Cleaning Checks, and dermatomes

These past two weeks have been super ridiculous. I have had five midterms, a mini fiesta with my family, and cleaning checks for my apartment. I officially decided that I have made my senior year one of the hardest semesters of college. I procrastinated all of my hard classes hoping they would somewhat be completed magically. In on of the 5 tests I took this week, I had to learn all the dermatomes, myotomes, and the nerves via cutaneous innervation . This included labeling and drawing the brachial plexus, knowing all the nerves in the body, and what happens if a certain nerve is impaired (ie. claw hand, wrist drop, and "Ape-hand deformity". Lets just say the test went, but could have been a lot better if I didn't have to take the 3 other tests previously during the week.

So, on the Friday before President's Day, Kylie, Jamie, and I decided to go home for our final break until the end of the semester. Little did we know that Quincy had decided we needed a pinata to celebrate coming home. Because we could not wait, "we" as in Gavin and Quincy, Erin broke out a wooden spoon to use as an inside "stick". Let's just say we fully enjoyed hitting the pinata about a billion lasted longer. When we finally got some candy to fall out, Quincy and Kylie decided it made a cute hat.
The overall weekend was a truly a party with great food, shopping, bowling, and Just Dance.

Finally, during this week my roommates and I had cleaning checks. Our management decided to make it the day after President's day. Because we all went our various ways, we didn't really have time to clean. We all had papers, tests, laundry, etc. that needed to be done first. However, we did a little straightening and called it good. Pretty sure....actually I know that my parents would have not have passed us off on our cleaning check. However, despite our hesitations in coming home, we received a "perfect". We could not stop laughing at the comments the lady had made, and we are pretty sure she must have been blind or in a very big hurry.

Anyways, life is good...especially because we beat SDSU again in basketball. Because the student section dressed up as missionaries(at first I thought they were special needs students), I have decided they must know how a true missionary feels when they have been rejected. Thanks Angela:)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


This weekend was filled with a variety of sporting events. On Friday night, Angela, Emily, and I decided to hit up the No. 3 ranked BYU Mens volleyball game down at the old Smith Field House. We ran into Kylie and her roommates and also Cosmo(This is officially the only picture I have ever had with good old Cosmo). Not only was it extremely hot in the Smith Field House, but the players were also extremely hot!! We beat No. 4 UCLA in four games! After the game, we hit up a dance party in the annex and showed off our amazing dance moves or lack there of(we didn't have any windows to dance in front of :) ). Then, Saturday the BYU boys basketball team played UNLV. It was a great game and of course Jimmer played amazing! Our team just played really well together. Overall, it was a good day for BYU Sports. Finally, I hosted a Super Bowl party at my apartment! IT WAS A BLAST!!! Good food, great friends, and an ok game. It would have been better if the Bears beat the Packers. Anyways, here is a pick of the few who were at our party! Overall weekend was a blast...I am not looking forward to school!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Holy Smokes You Should Just Call Me Stinking Grandma!

So, I have decided to create a blog because I love seeing weekly updates from my sister Erin's family. However, I did not realize how much of a grandma I am on trying to figure out this whole setup. I had always thought I was advanced technologically, but after trying to set this up I feel slightly how my grandma has felt trying to figure out her computer for the first time. It has seriously taken me way too long and so this blog will slowly but surely come along, but I cannot make any promises. So don't judge. This blog is basically for me. I want to document what I have been doing in my life because it is hard for me to keep a journal. Also, I think this blog will help me prove to myself that I am somewhat creative compared the rest of my family who are so incredibly talented! Here we go...I am officially a blogger :) Enjoy!